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North Florida & South Georgia's Premier Metal Roofing Fabricator

To insure that we provide our customers the best value in the metal roofing marketplace we have aligned ourselves with the Drexel Metals Association of Regional Manufacturers (DM-ARM) that provides manufacturers like ourselves everything we need to compete with the traditional fixed in place manufacturers. DM-ARM members are “armed” with the all of the engineering, warranties, technical know how, customer service and superior quality. However our panels can be made locally, eliminating the need for lead times and giving us the control to deliver quality Drexel Metals Roof Systems on-demand! Drexel products are environmentally thought-conscious as we can receive  twice as much material per truck, combine shipments for small quantities, and reduce packaging as the products are made locally by us.

Tools, Tools, and More Tools. The DM-ARM quality assurance program ensures proper manufacturing as well as traceability and accountability for our warranty programs. We are linked and have access to  marketing programs, quarterly webinars for business improvement,and our own.  The wiki is a website designed to give us  access to engineering and everything we need to support providing our customers a  proposal. DM-ARM is your all-inclusive solution to any quality, consistency and safety concerns that you may have about on-demand fabrication. DM-ARM offers solutions and support that allow contractors to fabricate Drexel Metal Roof Systems with confidence. Our members get preferred treatment as they are able to participate in our Drexel Metal Solar Roof Program, allowing another competitive advantage for our customers. 

•Empowering. Drexel Metal Roofing Systems gives us increased control over our businesses by offering the means to fabricate premier quality metal roofing with quicker turnaround and greater control over quality.

•Progressive. Drexel is creating a new business model where regional manufacturers can establish distribution points so they can supply contractors cost efficiently and on-demand.

•Fill orders on-demand, not in weeks. With materials Drexel has  inventory, we  can fabricate panels and fill orders on-demand instead of waiting weeks for delivery of pre-fab roofing panels. Drexel provides us with coils in any material and color with a short lead-time helping us increase customer satisfaction,loyalty, and build repeat business.

•Virtually eliminate delivery time. Top quality materials in the color you need can be delivered on-demand, allowing us  to get started on a job as soon as the contract is signed. No more idle crews waiting for panels to arrive , we have greater flexibility and greater control over our business.

•Fabricate on-demand with total peace-of-mind. We  have all the tools we need to compete against fixed-in-place manufacturers—and win.

Specifically, through DM-ARM, Drexel provides us state-of-the-art panel-fabrication machinery, comprehensive training, an unparalleled quality assurance program, a reliable material supply chain, a robust warranty program and responsive, on-demand customer service and technical support. 




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